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The Core Compost Extractor

The Core Extractor is the most dynamic agriculture compost extractor on the market. Created for Farmers, Producers, Commercial Composters, and Ag Retailers, our compost extractor redefines traditional composting by efficiently extracting nutrient-rich liquid compost. With user-friendly controls and batch increment options, these machines offer a seamless experience with the added benefit of hands-free operation and automatic shutdown.

How it Works

  • Complete System: Bringing all the necessary tools into one machine – air, water and recirculation, the Core Extractor allows you to save time while still getting the most value out of your compost. 
  • Use with Ease: Simply bring in water, turn on the air system and add desired amount of material to the Core Extractor. Next, recirculate the machine in a vortex fashion to help break down your compost efficiently. Once ready, enter the desired amount of extract needed, and the regulating valves will keep the pumps operating at a constant rate. 

Key Features

  • Effortless Operation: Designed with the end user in mind, the Core Extractor offers two convenient operating modes. You can either control the machine directly from the control panel on the extractor or utilize the user-friendly phone integration through FieldWise, LLC to set batch increments. The latter option allows the machine to run autonomously, ensuring efficiency and precision, with an automatic shutdown at the end of the batch cycle.
  • Versatility Unleashed: The Core Extractor is a multi-use machine. While its primary function is extracting compost to produce high-quality liquid compost extract, its capabilities extend beyond that. Harness its power to solubilize bulk materials with unparalleled efficiency. From urea to chicken litter, this versatile tool caters to a range of agricultural operations.

Why Choose the Core Extractor

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Maximize your output with a machine that streamlines processes and minimizes manual efforts, allowing you to allocate your time and resources more effectively.
  • Multiuse Functionality: Beyond compost extraction, explore the diverse applications of our Core Extractor, turning it into an indispensable tool for your operation.
  • Here For You: The Core Extractor is delivered to you by an expert team member to assist with set up and operation of the machine to ensure you are proficient with its functionality.

Don’t miss out on the transformative benefits of the Core Extractor brings to regenerative agriculture. Contact us today to discover more about the machine and explore the different options available, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique operation. Elevate your agricultural practices with the power of the Core Extractor – unlocking a sustainable future for your farm or business with a compost extractor.


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We can supply 2″ Kanaflex hose cut to length with cam locks attached for $7-9/ft.