Soil Health Solutions for Regenerative Farming

Soil Health Solutions

Biological solutions have been proven to improve soil health significantly.

Compost extractors are innovative tools that extract and replicate the beneficial biology and diversity found in compost into a liquid form.

However, we also offer a range of other soil health products and solutions, all aimed at regenerating and revitalizing your soil’s biology.

We ensure that you have all the tools you need to create a thriving ecosystem right beneath your feet.

Biological Amendments

Fulvic Acid

Fulvic Acid can be used with biologicals, fertilizers and even herbicides to increase effectiveness of the application. It increases nutrient absorption to the plant and binds with minerals in the soil to help transport through root systems. Fulvic Acid is key for transporting nutrients. Our Fulvic Acid is organic approved.

Humic Acid

Humic Acid is a great source for creating healthy soil and increasing seed germination. In the soil, Humic Acid makes nutrients more available and increases water holding capacity and root depth. It is an excellent addition to a starter mix or seed treatment. Humic add is a key ingredient for making nutrients more available.

Biological Inoculants


Hi Energy Blend (HEB) is an all-encompassing Biological Inoculant that is synthesized from plant materials to benefit plant growth and soil conditions. HEB is a miaobially fermented liquid concentrate that is easy to use and apply. This Biological Inoculant is great to use with our Bio Stimulants. HEB can be used as a seed treatment, at planting mix or foliar mix.


Core Amino 14-0-0

Our protein hydrolysate bio stimulant fertilizer is a concentrated and cost-effective source of plant available nitrogen. Packed full of amino acids, this makes an excellent partner to our Biological Inoculants and other Bio Stimulants. Because it is easy to handle and easily dissolves in water, this can be used in an application whether at planting or as a foliar.

N Force

N Force is a high nitrogen liquid Bio Stimulant. Derived from L-amino acids, it is a great foliar addition for any organic program that needs a highly efficient form of nitrogen that increases plant vigor and yield. N Force is easy to use and will not leave a stink.


Kelp, otherwise known as seaweed extract, increases root structure and mass. This allows for more nutrient uptake and a healthier crop. Kelp can be used at planting or in foliar application. Our Kelp product is Organic approved.

Organic Herbicide/Insecticides

TKO Plus

TKO Plus is an all-natural OMRI listed formulation of fermented sucrose, botanicals and complex carbohydrates. This product is an excellent tool to help repel and suppress parasites minimizing crop damage caused by insects. TKO Plus can be used with other soil and foliar applied products for a more balanced and integrated pest management program.


Demize is an OMRI approved herbicide. The active ingredient in this product will translocate throughout the pest plant and give a complete kill instead of just burning off the leaves. Demize offers a wide range of uses to organic farmers and can help cultivate many different management practices.